Government facilities are national assets. They may be either 10 years old or, sometimes, older than 100 years. But, these facilities have to be in good shape because they are the places where essential public services are delivered. The same is true for defense facilities, with the only exception that they require round-the-clock support.

How We Can Help

Government and public facilities management sector are always fraught with multiple challenges like ageing buildings, deferred maintenance, tighter budget & higher operating costs. With the focus on public services, it is nearly impossible for a government agency to undertake FM services on its own.

However, you can deal with it by partnering with FM experts, who clearly understand the challenges & risks involved in government facilities management & have the know-how and team to overcome them.

At Khansaheb FM, we know what it takes to provide facilities management for the government and the defense sector. With experience working with several government agencies and local bodies across the UAE, we can manage any facility, howsoever complex it is. We can ensure your facility operates at its best, creating the best possible experience for your employees and visitors.

We provide government facilities management services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai & across the UAE.

Our Services

For government and public sector agencies, Khansaheb facilities management services offer our full stack of technical, soft and managed services including (but not limited to):

  • Indoor and outdoor cleaning services
  • Building fabric maintenance and repairs
  • IT equipment cleaning
  • Waste management
  • Mechanical and electrical services
  • Window cleaning
  • Landscaping
  • Pest control services
  • Planned preventative maintenance
  • Lift maintenance, etc.

It all starts with a conversation. Tell us what you need.