SustainAbilities is Khansaheb Group’s plan to address the mounting environmental issues, social challenges and economic pressures that are rapidly changing the business landscape in the UAE.


Our Plan

Our SustainAbilities plan was driven by our management team and embraced by our staff. The plan is focused on the business issues faced by our customers, supply chain and ourselves in the UAE. SustainAbilities is redefining Khansaheb and how it will meet the needs of its customers in the coming years.

It is our contribution to the global Sustainability movement, and an action plan from today to 2025 and beyond. It manages business risks for us and our customers, through sustainable business management, performance reporting, supply chain management and involvement in the communities in which we operate.


Communication & Intervention

Communication of the plan to our employees was an important part of the implementation process.

We chose to avoid discussing carbon emissions and reducing our footprint, and focused on reducing our overall consumption of natural resources and how that relates to monetary savings. This enabled all members of staff to be engaged with issues tangible to them and facilitated the implementation of effective reduction measures.

A key objective when the plan was first adopted was to establish a baseline for all our measurable sustainability targets. This allowed us to establish specific actions needed to achieve each of the targets that we set.

Each of these actions required managerial intervention and cultural change to be effective and this was managed through communication, reporting, and individual accountability.

We set new and more challenging SMART targets every year, and year on year this has driven continual improvement across the whole plan.








for our workforce and staff


Work Placements for local students each year


volunteering days in our local community


REDUCTION IN electricity consumption

Ingenuity & Practicality

To meet our sustainability objectives we have put in place a range of initiatives to deal with specific issues facing contractors.

From efficient cooling systems and solar panels, to geofencing projects and tracking plant movements we are driving down the costs to our environment and our customers.

We have put in place a health and wellbeing programme for our staff and operatives that includes providing a better quality of accommodation, increased recreational amenities, healthier food and health monitoring.

We are developing our people with skills based training carried out the Khansaheb Training School for our workforce and front line supervisors. This investment in training and development is making us a highly productive business that showcases quality products and delivers value for our customers.

Waste production within UAE is a challenge, and to combat this, Khansaheb has set‑up a waste transfer station that provides our projects and facilities a recycling service for timber, metal, plastic, cardboard & paper.

Since its implementation in 2017, the station has received over 125 tons of waste each month, which is being sold and recycled, resulting in waste being diverted from landfill.

Our sustainability plan, initiatives and achievements benefit our customers, just as much as it benefits our business. Reducing our consumption and waste doesn’t just ensure we are providing an environmentally friendly service, but also a value for money and professional service.