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May 30, 2021

Khansaheb FM launches new asset management tool

Khansaheb FM has developed and launched a bespoke asset management tool designed to accurately capture asset details and condition information therefore providing its customers with a detailed understanding of the current condition of their assets.

Developed with the intent of enhancing the company’s strategic maintenance capabilities, the tool allows its specialist asset surveyors to capture not only the specifics of each asset, i.e., location, make, model, etc., but also enables them to make an informed assessment on its current condition, forecast repairs and replacement requirements over its life cycle and identify areas of improvement and efficiency.

This tool helps provide a real time, comprehensive view of all building assets and the data which is held securely can be easily uploaded into any CAFM system for further analysis and ongoing management. The tool is customisable to a client’s specific needs and allows Khansaheb FM to devise the most effective maintenance approach for its clients and avoid unnecessary maintenance costs.

Oliver Sawle, general manager, Khansaheb FM said: “Our focus is on enhancing our service delivery by leveraging the latest technology and ensuring that all maintenance decisions are based on accurate information and data. Our asset management approach is customer-centric, and this bespoke tool that our IT and Technical team have developed is an integral part our solution and helps us determine the most effective maintenance strategy.  The tool enables us to provide our clients with a cost-optimised maintenance solution whilst ensuring complete transparency of the condition of the assets at all times.”


Ishita Joshi

Brand and Marketing Lead

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